Update of 24 August 2012

The 7th SEMCO-ASCO Conference: Advanced Course on cancer in the older population, 18 - 19 October, 2012, Cairo, Egypt  

For application forms & Agenda & venue : please visit   www.semco-oncology.info   or www.icedoc.org and click on SEMCO) Click here for the Meeting borchure


Update of November 2010

The 6th SEMCO-ASCO Conference: International Clinical Trials Workshop ( ICTW) , 27-28 January ,2011 , Cairo , Egypt.   


For application forms & Agenda & venue : please visit   www.semco-oncology.info   or www.icedoc.org and click on SEMCO)


( It would be very useful for all,  for our scientific work  , for The Junior researchers and post graduates doctors and nurses  , for middle aged Associate Professors cancer researchers ,  for the senior professors and consultants and for all who are concerned by scientific cancer clinical trials and researches. ( Contact  atef.badran@gmail.com  &  worldcooperation@gmail.com   Webs: www.semco-oncology.info  & www.icedoc.org ).

For the Conference Agenda Click here

Update of March 28, 2010


For more information about SEMCO :   www.semco-oncology.info 


New update  of September 8, 2008  

Schedule of SEMCO  Educational activities from 20 November , 2008 till April , 2009  ( And after !!!)  


(SEMCO: South and East Mediterranean college of Oncology)


November 20 - 22, 2008, Izmir, Turkey :

2nd ASCO-SEMCO Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course (MCMC) Turkey.  

 Please visit  the web www.ascosemco2008.org  to contact Prof. Munir Kinay Izmir ,Turkey.  

( Visit www.icedoc.org ,you'll find many previous lectures under the icon of SEMCO  & For  registration for the  meeting of Izmir  2008 : www.ascosemco2008.org  ) 


January 14- 16, 2009, Alexandria, Egypt :

 ACOD 12 : SEMCO-ACOD-AORTIC conference. Host organizer : ACOD .  

( AORTIC : African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer ) .  


March 17-18, 2009, Cairo, Egypt

2nd Africa Breast Cancer conference . SEMCO & Princess Nikky Breast Cancer Foundation & ASCOD


For Flyer and first announcement press here


Wednesday 15 - to Friday 17, April  , 2009 , Cairo :

SEMCO-ASCO advanced course and conference: Palliative Oncology .  


SEMCO is the local-regional organizing committee for AORTIC 2011 conference, Cairo, Egypt, the year 2011.


More SEMCO programs of the fall of 2009 and the years 2010, 2011 in the region are under development. (Keep tuned!)



Update of May 31, 2008

Lectures and presentations of the SEMCO-ASCO-ASCOD conference and advances course, 26-28 March 2008, Cairo, Egypt. To download the lectures click here



2nd update of March 14, 2008-03-14 

2nd SEMCO-ASCO-ASCOD conference and advanced course will be held on 26-28 March, 2008 Cairo Egypt (ASCO: American Society of Clinical Oncology) for program click here, for interactive registration form click here for  1st announcement click here. 

To read The SEMCO initiative to enhance international scientific publications in all fields of cancer click here.



The 2nd South and East Mediterranean College of Oncology meeting (SEMCO):

The SEMCO-ESMO Conference will be held in Alexandria, Egypt, 5-7 December, 2007. (ESMO: European Society of Medical Oncology)

Title: “Recent Advances in Oncology. Towards adaptation to the realistic regional conditions”

Host Organizer: Alexandria Clinical Oncology Department (ACOD)

Host Organizer: Alexandria Clinical Oncology Department (ACOD) Click for brochure, registration, accommodation and abstratcts

Special reduction of fees of registrations and less expensive accommodations is available before 10th  November for:

  • All juniors and post graduates in oncology in the South and East Mediterranean ( SEMCO region ) and the world .

For specialists of less than 40 years from SEMCO, ICEDOC, AORTC, Africa, INCTR, ESO and EASO there is a special reduction of fees of registrations and less expensive accommodations. For information contact the secretary of the meeting shown in the brochure, Email: semcoalex@gmail.com


April, 14, 2007: The first South and  East Mediterranean College of Oncology (SEMCO) conference and the advisory council meeting was held successfully with the ASCO (The American Society of Clinical Oncolgy) on 5,6 April,2007, Cairo Egypt. It was an ASCO Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course (MCMC). It is the first collaborative work between ASCO and SEMCO. The next collaboration with ASCO is in its way!

To download the lectures of the ASCO-SEMCO course and The council meeting Click here


(15 October 2006): The South and East Mediterranean College of Oncology (SEMCO) 

One year ago , ICEDOC has launched  "The South and East Mediterranean College of Oncology SEMCO. President of SEMCO is Prof. Hussein Khaled, NCI, Cairo and Director is Prof. Ahmed Elzawawy,

The objective is to establish regular professional and public educational courses, meetings, training and researches in different fields related to cancer. 

This new foundation is a result of collaboration between ICEDOC and SEHA  South and East Mediterranean for Health advances (Representative Mrs. Lamia Aboulfadl) .

All distinguished colleagues and cancer Experts in The South and East Mediterranean as well as international colleagues in ICEDOC and international and national organizations are invited to have their distinguished and leading advisory roles in SEMCO. 

 We welcome all cooperation and collaborations. 

As in ICEDOC , the role of the President and the director of SEMCO is to offer the organizational environment, with the least possible complexities, in order to serve their distinguished colleagues . Moreover , to create more bonds to gather some of the good but dispersed activities in this wide region.  

 We are very frank and up to the point when we stress on one of the important principals in the new school : SEMCO respects and appreciates  the prestige and experience of every distinguished colleague in the region and we consider all suggestions , common upcoming activities , and collaboration  

It is a call for all colleagues in the region to join the activities of SEMCO.

For more details Contact ICEDOC :   e-mail  worldcooperation@gmail.com  and ahmedelzawawy@hotmail.com

(SEMCO is thankful to SEHA  South and East Mediterranean for Health advances ,Representative Mrs. Lamia Aboulfadl, for the continuous collaboration since its early development )  



The South and East Mediterranean College of Oncology SEMCO is pleased to inform you that for the first time, the American Society of clinical Oncology (ASCO) will hold its Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course (MCMC) in the region. The ASCO-MCMC course will be organized by SEMCO, on April  5-6, 2007, Cairo, Egypt. Click here for invitation letter in PDF format, and here for brochure in PDF format. For its registration form click here and for its accommodation form click here.



 The main theme:" The multidisciplinary management of breast and bladder cancers."


For Senior consultants and leaders of societies and organizations in the South And East Mediterranean Region : In the  afternoon and the evenings  of  the course a special  Satellite meeting will held for the distinguished senior consultants from the region  who will honor the SEMCO by attending and registering in  this SEMCO event. The objectives are to discuss how we cooperate well together in the fight against Cancer in the region and to draw a map for the upcoming activities for SEMCO in the region. ( For registration , see below )


April 7,8  2007 : The course will be followed by "Practical approaches for cancer management" with on site visits to NCI, Cairo and NEMROK of Kaser El Einy, Cairo University.

For more details Contact ICEDOC :   e-mail  worldcooperation@gmail.com and ahmedelzawawy@hotmail.com

(Register NOW : Dr.Atef Badran,National Cancer Institute ,Fom ElKhalig,Cairo 117 96 ,Egypt.

Tel: + (20) 2 535 1424 , Faxes  : + (20) 2 535 1424, + (20) 2 364 4720, + (20) 2 368 9711, Mob + (20) 10 120 0155

e-mail : a.badran@link.net  )



Upcoming events: ICEDOC/ SEMCO is preparing for the upcoming scientific and Educational events for the year 2007 and 2008 . ( One the nearest event will be with  ESMO  The European Society of Medical Oncology )  

For more details Contact ICEDOC   e-mail  worldcooperation@gmail.com  &   ahmedelzawawy@hotmail.com