International Campaign for Establishment and Development of Oncology Centers (ICEDOC)

ICEDOC Statement

Vienna, 25 September, 1996

To the human community, To all health authorities and governmental and non-governmental cancer organizations in the world, To eminent personalities, politicians, industrialists and to all who are concerned in cancer problems, To all cancer management manufacturers,

As you know, in spite of all the existing efforts, reasonable cancer therapy is available for only 10-15% of the cancer patients in the world . This lack is evident in the fields of medical, radiation oncology and good palliative and supportive care. This tragic situation should not continue!. For this purpose The ICEDOC is established. It is an independent committee which is not in competition but it encourage full cooperation and coordination with all the existing organizations, societies and authorities. It is not founded to duplicate the existing organizations but to complement them. One of the innovative approaches of ICEDOC is in grouping views and efforts of volunteers oncologists, experts, cancer treatment manufacturers, authorities, administrators and some eminent personalities towards increasing facilities in the existing cancer centers and establishment of more cancer management units all over the world.

So, as it appears from its name, the main objective of the ICEDOC is to increase and to improve cancer management facilities in the world.

The first preliminary manuscript of this statement was formulated by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Elzawawy (Egypt) in April, 1993.

In Vienna , 25 September, 1996, the board of ICEDOC and the attendants of the founding meeting declared the ICEDOC to the world as a house of volunteer experts and consultants for the service for all health authorities in the world and for all who are concerned in cancer problems, increasing cancer management facilities in the world, cancer prevention and cancer education.

The main principles of the ICEDOC are

- Not competitors but allies with all.
- With all towards increasing cancer management facilities.
- Classic and innovative approaches.

In the ICEDOC, we believe that cooperation and coordination between different organizations strengthen the action of each organization and the overall actions. So, in the ICEDOC, we adopt the working in linked circles, both inside the internal circles (or subgroups of the ICEDOC) and also for the cooperation with governmental and non-governmental activities. We encourage distinguished members from other organizations to be liaison members in the ICEDOC. The actual situation is so tragic and thus, we should cooperate.

The actions of the ICEDOC will go through different ICEDOC groups:

1.Therapy and drug development group in the second and third world countries It is applied to all kinds of therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, supportive care, etc... Anticancer protocols and combinations could be tailored and modified according to each specific and regional conditions. Also, therapeutic trials could be conducted in selected regions of the second and third world countries, under follow up of volunteers consultants from the ICEDOC and the manufacturers. This hopefully will lead to 1) improvement of cancer treatment reporting of results in these selected areas. 2) To assure the respect of the ethical aspects in conducting these therapeutic trials. Both items 1) and 2) hopefully might improve cancer treatment practice and will be for the benefits of patients with low economic resources. 3) Also, for companies, time could be saved in conducting therapeutic trials and moreover, there might be a probable increase in the scope of information and uses of certain drugs and combinations. Notice that in the ICEDOC, we are practical and romantic in the same time, we cannot involve much, the manufacturers for the sake of our Nobel goals without probable or even sure gain for the companies, we try in every step to combine both the reality and the hopes .

2.Task force for establishment and development of oncology centers, it is the house of volunteer experts and consultants to give advice about how to establish comprehensive oncology units in areas were these facilities are lacking and how to improve centers in case they are already existing. Again the advice should be tailored according to the past, present and prospect of each area.

3.Technology Development & Transfer (The ICEDOC TDT), it will be concerned with the development of technology and research and their transfer in a way that could be applicable and tailored for each area. These different abilities of modifications and tailoring might be also of scientific and economic values for the users, the manufacturers, and the humanity. The ways of transfer should also take into consideration the recent evolving ways of communications and computers.

4.The ICEDOC international relationship and liaison affairs group, also this group will work closely and in conjunction with other groups of the ICEDOC to increase the every day relationship and cooperation with all who would like to cooperate or to coordinate with the ICEDOC. We adopt the concept of open doors for all.

In addition to the educational coordinators and fund raising coordinators.

The ICEDOC will hold annual meetings and side meetings in some selected international conferences. Honorary and active membership could be presented to all who support or help in any way to achieve the noble goals of the ICEDOC for the sake of cancer patients. The ICEDOC welcome all cooperation, suggestions and comments. Finally, we are all, aware of the screaming of millions of cancer patients and the members of their families and their surroundings. "Please, don't forget us". "We swear that we will not forget them"

(The board of the ICEDOC, see attached list )


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Elzawawy,
President of ICEDOC
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